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aicep Global Parques

aicep Global Parques hosting a growing number of international Aeronautical players


aGP, a company specialized in the management of business & industrial parks in Portugal, has been witnessing a dynamic and steady growth of international companies locating in their parks, namely at ZILS, the Industrial, Business and Logistics Park of Sines – adjacent to the largest seaport in Portugal – and BLUEBIZ, the Business Park in Setúbal.


International players from various sectors have been choosing these locations due to their Talent pool availability and state of the art Infrastructure at a very competitive cost.


ZILS Global Parques - Industrial and Business Park, next to a deep water sea port - Port of Sines - targeting operations from light to heavy industrial projects (aGP is a member of ESCPP/European Chemical Site Promotion Platform).


The site comprises over 2,375 hectares of plots of various dimensions, equipped with above standard set of utilities suitable for Industry, Energy, Logistic and Services – medium - voltage power network, optical fiber network (voice and data), effluent treatment, natural gas, industrial and domestic water, pipelines linking to the seaport.


BlueBiz Global Parques, in the Setúbal Peninsula, is a superior location for your business, both for the infrastructure provided and for its geographical characteristics, combined with its wealth in terms of heritage, environment and culture.


BlueBiz occupies an area of 56 hectares, just 40 kms south of Lisbon, with complete infrastructure and extensive green areas with paved paths, with a marketable area of approx. 23 hectares, divided into 8.4 hectares of indoor areas and 14.5 hectares of outdoor areas.


BlueBiz offers attractive investment conditions to companies that seek to maximise their investments and increase the synergies of their businesses. Its main focus is on the installation of light industries, such as automotive, aeronautics, electro-mechanics, final assembly, distribution and logistics.


The 3rd park managed by aGP is Albiz Global Parques, located in the Greater Lisbon Area. It aims to set up companies (namely SMEs), from services to logistic activities,


aGP is also responsible for developing an innovative web search engine named Global Find that provides information on a choice of sites in mainland Portugal that are suitable and available to install different types of businesses.


This tool is based on a Multi-criteria analyses: build on the requirements provided by the potential investor directly to the platform, this tool identifies, in an interactive map, alternative sites to locate a business that meets the given set of requirements and allows comparing them to a maximum of five solutions regarding a pool of indicators.


Furthermore, Global Find discloses reports highlighting the technical features of the available sites and provides information on socio-economic data and the demographic outlook of the surrounding municipalities.


Global Find relevant data:

Current* coverage

            11 421 plots

            4 633 available plots

            299 business parks

*constant update

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